6 travel essentials for your next adventure

Whether you’re flying across the pond, getting ready for a road trip or embarking on a voyage over the seas, every traveler needs a few things to make the journey a little more enjoyable.

While your bags have been packed, and your tickets have been bought, there is just a little piece of your mind that keeps thinking about anything last minute items you might need. As someone who had their first international flight in May – to the country of the Netherlands – here are six things I think come in handy during a long journey.

Favorite gum or mints:

On my flight, I made sure I had two tins of my favorite mints (Altoids Peppermint) for comfort, taste and, perhaps most importantly, to make sure my breath was fresh after the in-flight meals.

On top of having something to keep your breath fresh and having something to remind you of home, it will also come in handy when you’re in need of a minty experience.

Candy and snacks:

When you’re on a long flight, the gap between the in-flight meals can get a person starving. When you’re on the road, it might be miles before you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Keeping your favorite snacks on hand, whether they be chips, candy, pretzels, etc. allows for your hunger to not get too out of hand and helps the miles fly by.

When I was on my flight, I was glad that I had stuffed a small bag of pretzels in my purse. It helped me stay satiated while the time passed between my dinner and my breakfast.

Pair of Headphones:

When I was on my way to the airport, I was so lost in the excitement of packing my last-minute essentials that I forgot to pick my headphones. I was looking at a long nine-hour flight sans music. Because my sister was nice enough to let me borrow her super-expensive headphones, I did not go without entertainment.

Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure that you have a good pair of headphones on you at all times regardless of your way of transportation. When the car goes quiet or the flight gets boring, you can bring them out for an added bit of entertainment. And so you don’t forget them, make sure you keep them close to your suitcase.

Entertainment Device:

This one goes without saying. My iPad was my saving grace when I was enduring the 8+ hours that I was on the flight. Between watching two of my favorite movies, listening to my favorite music, watching a few TV shows and taking a nap, I was able to survive my first international flight.

Having a system that has your favorite media will help you get through the time you have on your flight or road trip more quickly and without hassle. Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movie (or two) – you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

Portable Charger:

A more recent invention and a complement to Travel Essential no. five – a fully juiced, portable charger will help keep your electronics charged and ready to go on the flight, on the road and even at your destination. Having a portable charger allows you to keep battery on the electronics that are most important to you – your phone, your tablet, etc.

Because I had a portable charger, I was able to use my phone to take beautiful pictures of Paris all day, and listen to music on my way back to the hotel.

Bigger Suitcase or extra tote:

Putting a flat, small bag inside your luggage or using a bigger piece of luggage will help when it comes to stocking up on souvenirs and transporting them back home. This came in handy when I was coming back from my two-week trip. I had so many souvenirs for myself and for my family and friends that I was glad I brought an extra bag that I could use as a carry-on.

This will allow you to avoid unwanted luggage costs and save you from having to juggle your bags and create a giant mess after a road trip or before and after a flight. It will also help you to not put fragile/glass souvenirs in danger of breaking and shattering when you have to stuff souvenirs and clothes together.