An insider’s guide to drinking with The Seed

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JUICE with Carly

Photo by Mohammed F Emran
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

What are the benefits of juicing? — “You get way more bang for your buck … There’s so many vitamins and minerals that you get in one shot. You get a lot of vitamins and nutrients for a little bit.”

Why cold press? — “Centrifugal machines heat the produce and kill the enzymes. That’s why I was so adamant about getting a cold press machine. Because it doesn’t heat up.”

What are the juice “shots?” — “We offer three types of shots. We do a ginger shot – it regulates the gut flora. We have a turmeric shot. I consider it a nice, energizing shot and anti-inflammatory. And then we have the E3 Live shot which is basically the properties of a wheatgrass shot, but better. A blast of vitamins in a shot.”

Carly’s Ideal Juice – “I like the greens. The OG is my favorite. You get a little bit of the sweetness and then a lot of the vitamins.”


COFFEE with Daniel

Photo by Mohammed F Emran.
Photo by Mohammed F Emran.

Are there non-dairy options? — “Yes. Coconut creamer and almond milk.”

Do you consider your work an artform? — “Artfulness comes into play when you order a slow bar option. You have the latte art, and then you have just the flavor of the coffee itself … So, I would say the art of it comes into play when the specialty of it comes into play.”

How long does it take to learn how to do latte art? — “The first day that I started was about two weeks before Black Friday, and I was just pouring blobs … About after one or two months, I could do hearts and tulips.”

What should a beginner, coffee connoisseur order? — “I will usually order a split macchiato, which would be two shots of espresso split into two cups. Then, one of the cups gets milk added to it … That gives you a good look into the roaster.”


ORDER with Two Seventy

Green Matcha Latte. Photo by Alexis Paige.
Green Matcha Latte. Photo by Alexis Paige.

The Seed has become our favorite place in Boca. It is perfect for hosting small business meetings or meeting up with a friend. So, we’ve become pretty familiar with the menu. Here are our favorite menu items:

Cortado – Equal parts espresso and milk, this little shot of energy is great if you need a quick jolt. It’s naturally sweet and goes down smooth.

Green Matcha Latte – Matcha is a specially processed and ground green tea powder. So, if you like green tea, you’ll love this latte. Even if you don’t like green tea, you’ll still love this latte. It’s warm, creamy, sweet and not too heavy. Not to mention, it makes a beautiful Insta pic.

“Blue Majik” Juice – Containing E3Live Blue Majik, water, lemon and agave this sweet little press is what you need when you’re ready for a health kick.

Basil & Berries Smoothie – If you’re in need of something refreshing that is the perfect balance between savory and sweet, this is for you. The basil flavor and berry sweetness really compliment each other.

Coffee Cake – If you’re in the mood for something sweet to snack on, pick up a slice of coffee cake. It’s incredibly moist and goes perfectly with any drink.