Going raw gets real

I suck at “going raw.” I really do.

In my attempt of cutting back on meat and implementing a plant-based diet, I found myself chowing down on a beef/chicken mixed burger at a Cuban restaurant by the end of the week. Yeah, I know – pathetic. I didn’t even last seven days.

But, hey! Saying goodbye to the food I’ve loved my entire life thus far is not an easy task. And I must say, in my “business days only” week of being raw, I actually learned a lot and had a change of mind.

First: I learned that raw is not for everyone. I love a burger. (Yes, I love baby cows too. They have the prettiest eyelashes) But, I’m not completely willing to give that up.

Habits are hard to break and your body will need some time to adjust.

Just like during any lifestyle change, you will find times when you revert back to your old routine. If you’re really dedicated though, you will push through – and say goodbye to your local butcher.

Second: Eating way more fruits and veggies does wonders for your body. It took no time for me to start feeling more energized throughout the day and being less hungry when I ate raw.

Overall, you just feel better about yourself and begin to pick healthier options throughout the day. I was more motivated to do what was good for my body. I can only imagine what this would do for me over time.

Third: I still hate brussel sprouts. My sincerest apologies to my suitemates for that terrible smell when I steamed them. It won’t happen again.

Fourth: Though going totally raw isn’t for me, it doesn’t mean I can’t implement some aspects of the raw life.

Ashley Hampton, a raw lifestyle expert through experience and food blogger (Check out our profile on her here), actually suggests taking it slow at first. While you incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, slowly begin to eliminate meats and processed foods.

If you’re still having troubles with that method, allow yourself certain snacks from your typical diet so that you don’t crave them as much. But, don’t eat as much, and instead, pair it with a raw item.

I will still enjoy an enchilada when I wanna, but I’ll make sure to eat a handful of veggies with it. I’m not a psychologist, but there’s gotta be something there about associating the raw foods with the “old diet” foods.

In the end, I have chosen not to stick with the raw diet completely, but instead, incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. Somedays, I even only eat fruits, veggies and some sort of meatless protein, but it’s not a total lifestyle change.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll really stick to the raw diet one day. I’ll let you know.

Click below to see some of my favorite raw recipes!

Fruit Salad

1 orange

1 watermelon

1 banana

Cut and peel all of your ingredients and toss them in a bowl.

Avocado and tomatoes

1 avocado

½ tomato

¼ tsp lime juice

Slice your tomato and cut up your avocado. Use the avocado as a spread on each slice of tomato. Then, drizzle with lime juice.


2 cup lettuce

¼ cup spinach

About 4 strawberries, sliced

A small handful of blueberries and pumpkin seeds

Prepare all your fruits and vegetables, then toss together. Try this dressing on top!