Planning, it doesn’t have to be a pain

We’ve all been told to keep a planner to stay organized, but most people forget to use them after a week. I know I’m guilty of it until one day 15 credits caught up to me making me forget many important dates.

“I can’t be successful without it” – Kyle Hughes, Senior Accounting Major

They’re people that treat their planner better than their lovers while others a one night stand, either way you must remember things somehow. Not everyone needs to cling to a schedule, but some just need a few helpful reminders.


If you can barely keep up with your life because it is so hectic you’d probably need an hourly planner. Knowing what to expect not only makes your life a little less stressful, but it also makes sure you don’t forget anything.


Keeping it simple is best if you are not used to organizing your life to the extreme. Personally, mine is small with monthly and weekly sections and a place for notes. I think this is ideal because I can write whatever I want for that day, not just hour by hour. It’s more of a compiled daily to-do lists and reminders rather than planning every single minute out.


If you’re more of a big picture person that tend to get into a repetitive weekly schedule and don’t need to write the same things over, a calendar is probably the best planning solution for you. You’ll be happy with just having to keep track of what day it is and when big events are happening. You can get a printed one or even a dry erase one and just hang it on your wall.

Not Into Planners?

Though to some people having to physically write down anything is old fashioned and unnecessary we are lucky to have our electronic devices that allow us to set reminders in our pockets. You can always rely on your phone’s calendar for little things.

Even though the act of writing down something helps us remember, and your phone calendar is not as flexible as written ones this method probably works best for many millennials.


Universities usually give out free ones with dates of events going around campus. No need to spend extra money on a planner to stay organized.
Stickers and sticky notes are a huge help. A quick search on etsy shows that some people are obsessed with planning their lives. But If you don’t want to use them in your planner, sticking them in your notebooks/textbook can help with quick notes and reminders.
Highlighting things can also assist you with organization. You can either color coordinate things to different subjects and/or to different organizations, or you can highlight off tasks you have completed.