Guided meditation may what your mental health needs

Type “Guided Meditation” into your YouTube search bar and revel in the numerous videos of men and women with thick accents speaking barely above a whisper.

Appreciate their attempts to guide your breathing and your mind into effortless synchronization and ease. Now, allow yourself to follow their instructions and let your muscles relax – releasing tension from your toes to your jaw – while the stress of the day disappears.

Frankly, guided meditation – when someone walks you through meditation – is a weird practice. Having someone whisper in my ear as I try to fall asleep? Not something I would typically enjoy.

But with page long to-do lists weighing me down and a digital dimension keeping distance between me and the speaker, I’ve grown to really enjoy – and sometimes rely on – these videos.

They’re not meant to make you quack like a duck or anything crazy – this is not hypnosis – but, instead, help you take a step back from reality. When the hassle of everyday, college life makes it so I can’t fall asleep, these whisperers help me regain focus and unwind. Not to mention, the at-home access makes it easier to get comfortable and is super convenient.

It’s even been proven that meditation can lead to a lower heart rate, stress levels and deeper relaxation, according to Gaiam Life, a website all about healthy and happy living.

I’m not saying every video can do the trick; you have to figure out which ones are right for you. Maybe you prefer a man speaking instead of a woman; maybe you prefer something more spiritual. Whatever it is, I promise there’s a video for it.

So, if you’ve got stress coming out the wazoo, give guided meditation a try. You’ll feel a little silly at first, but once you can get over the initial awkwardness, I’m sure you’ll find yourself to be very happy and well-rested.


Here are some of the most viewed guided meditation videos on YouTube:

“Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation”

“Guided Sleep Meditation Talkdown – Insomnia – Relxation”

“Chakra Meditation Balancing”

“Chakra Cleansing & Activating Guided Meditation”