The perks of going braless

Remember the Itty Bitty Titty Committee from seventh grade? Yeah. Well, I’m still the leader of the group. My boob department had never really lived up to my expectations. But, as I got more comfortable in my skin, I began to take on my very own #FreetheNipple movement.

What I’m saying is that bras just aren’t my thing. The “Move this here. Push that there.” ordeal just doesn’t work for me. So, besides the occasional bralette peeking curiously and ever so fashionably from under my shirt, I go totally braless. And may I say, there are way more perks to going braless than forcing your girls where they’re just not meant to be.

Here is my list of the perks of going braless:

1. You’re free! No constraints whatsoever.

Waiting until you get home to whip that fabric boa constrictor off is no longer a thing. You get to have that glorious freedom all day long.

2. Armpit fat? What’s that?

It’s all smooth sailing from here. No more reason to feel self-conscious of how your hair is hiding your underarms.

3. Boys can’t claim your boobs are “misleading.”

As in, you’re deceiving them by giving the girls a push up. Au naturale.

4. Bra lines are non-existent.

No bra lines from the slightly too-tight straps means your white tees will look even better.

5. Did I mention the liberating feeling that is cleavage freedom?

6. Your boobies will be stronger later on, according to this study! I’m a believer.

We try to keep the rest of our body strong and in shape. Why not your boobs?

7. No underwire poking you in ribs…

This annoyance needs no explanation.

8. Or itchy tags tickling your back!

That itch you just can’t scratch? It was the hard-to-reach spot between your shoulder blades. But, no more! Because there’s nothing there to tickle you.

9. You don’t have to spend the money on them! I can already hear your wallet rejoicing.

That means more moolah for food… Or ya know. Going out and doing fun things with the ladies.

10. Your significant other will love the easy access (;

So, as the French say – not really, but go with it – libérer les seins!