Unprocessed: Get to know food blogger Ashley Hampton

Let’s take a look inside your dorm room pantry. We see some ramen, chips, cookies, leftover cafeteria mystery items and so on. Typical college food, right? Well, that isn’t the case for Ashley Hampton.

Photo by Ashley Hampton
Photo by Ashley Hampton

As a student at the University of Wisconsin and the mind behind Raw in College – a website dedicated to teaching others how to live a “raw” diet – Hampton has learned how to balance her school schedule, everyday life and online presence while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

According to her website, going raw is a lifestyle “composed of eating unprocessed, unrefined, whole, living, plant-based fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.” (Read about my experience at going raw here. Spoiler alert: things didn’t go as planned.)

About a year into her raw journey, Hampton has gained a following of other raw/healthy lifestyle-hopefuls and is leaving her mark across the web. Keep reading to get a peek into who this typical, college girl and growing webstar is off-screen.


Any siblings? One older brother, Blake — he’s in med school at the University of Miami

Any pets? My little Lady, a dachshund!

Favorite color? Pink

How old were you when you went raw & vegan? 18

What do your family and friends think of your lifestyle? I am so grateful that I have extremely supportive friends and family – even they eat more fruits and veggies now!

Goals? Continue to reach out to people all over the world with my blog, Instagram, and recently launched YouTube channel!


Favorite things about the city? Warm weather, family & friends

Must-visit place when you’re home? Whole Foods

Best place to eat? What do you order? Juice and Java: Greenhouse Salad and a Green Lemonade Juice


Vacation or staycation? Vacation!

Favorite place you’ve visited? Place you’d like to visit? Favorite place: Santorini, Greece / Place I’d like to visit: Australia

What’s in your travel bag? iPhone, headphones, camera, laptop, fruit & water

Favorite airport snack? Dried fruit


Eat to live or live to eat? Eat to live!

Why raw? Fresh, whole, plant based foods are what our bodies need to thrive. I have experienced so many benefits such as increased energy, clearer skin, weight loss, mental clarity and more — it’s a cruelty free, compassionate lifestyle that is simple, affordable and delicious.

Fruits or veggies? Fruits!

Favorite vegan recipe? Banana “nice” cream: simply blend frozen bananas and you have the perfect sweet tooth satisfier!

Favorite restaurant? Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills

Online Presence

Favorite social media platform? Instagram 

Blogging or YouTube? YouTube

Favorite/memorable comment from a reader/viewer?  “You inspire me everyday to eat more fruits & veggies. It is incredible that you have found your passion and you are sharing it with the world at such an early time in your life—can’t wait to see the infinite success you reach in the future. Love you girl!”

Beauty & Fashion

What’s in your makeup bag? Small container of coconut oil, eyelash curler, mascara

Favorite brand? Alice & Olivia

Product you can’t live without? Coconut oil

How would you describe your style? Sophisticated chic!

Has going raw/vegan changed how you choose brands? Absolutely. I make a point to choose brands that do not perform animal testing.

Personal philosophy

Wake up and smell the roses; there is always something to be grateful for.

Inspirational words for “raw newbies”

Learn to love yourself through the power of fruits and veggies – you will gain a new understanding of what your body wants and needs to thrive! Your life will change before your eyes.