11 ways to spice up date night

Ladies – we love to be treated special. And that typically means having your man plan the special date nights. But, guess what? Guys like to be treated special too! If you didn’t already know that, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article.

Just like us, guys are capable of appreciating time and effort – even though they act clueless half the time. They also (typically) appreciate something inventive instead of the classic dinner-and-a-movie. Here are 11 creative and fun date ideas that your bae will love:



Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina
Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina

Channelling your inner child is always fun and so is a little healthy competition. Go to a local arcade and challenge him to his favorite games. If you prefer something more low key, or don’t have a local arcade – they are becoming rare – take him up on a round of his favorite video game. Guys like when their girl shows interest in something they enjoy, even if it is something as little as their favorite game.

Laser Tag/Paintball:

Laser tag is always super fun – especially when you’re on opposing teams. Get out of the house, get competitive and don’t let him win!

Cake Decorating:

Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina
Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina

This is a cute way to spend some time together and prove just how well you know one  another. Bake two cakes ahead of time – you can keep it simple and use a boxed mix – and prepare different colored frosting and decorations. When you’re together, decorate a cake with the other person in mind. Consider their interest and hobbies. Then, eat! Can’t leave perfectly good cake to waste!

Nerf Gun Battle:

Thank you to the people of Tumblr and all relationship goals for this idea. Schedule a time for your special someone to come over. While waiting, set up booby traps and other obstacles. Leave a loaded Nerf gun by the door for him and hide! Don’t forget to leave a little note, enticing him to play along.

After Class Picnic:

Photo by Alexis Hayward
Photo by Alexis Hayward

If you’ve been together for a while, you probably know each other’s schedules. Text him to meet you outside after class one day, and surprise him with a little picnic. Pack a brunch for after a morning class, or lunch/snack for an afternoon class. Make sure you scope out a quiet place on campus ahead of time.

If he has an evening class, pick him up and head out somewhere like the beach or a park for a nice night under the stars. It can be super romantic and he’ll appreciate the thought.

Wine and Painting:

Multitasking is a great concept. Tap into your artistic sides with wine and painting. Even if you aren’t Picasso, you can always blame your subpar rendering on that third glass of Pinot.

Going Outdoors:

Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina
Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina

A lot of guys like to see their girl outside and being active. Plus, it’s fun to unplug and explore nature. Whether it’s going hiking, or spending a day on the water paddleboarding or kayaking, getting some fresh air will help clear both of your minds and get you away from any craziness at home. This leaves just the two of you for some quality time.

Food Tour:

Why limit yourself to one restaurant on a date night? Instead, take a little food tour!

Pick three restaurants – one for an appetizer, one for an entree, and one for dessert. You can have a little bit of everything all in one night. Be sure to make reservations with ample time in between just in case. If you get tied up at one restaurant, it’s no big deal! Just call and let the restaurant know you’ll be a little late. Your night will be fast pace and fun.

All Around the World:

Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina
Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina

This is actually a series of dates. Figure out a list of places you both would like to visit. Every week, read up on one place – the culture, the style, popular music, the cuisine – and recreate it at home. Make some local dishes and create the atmosphere. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you get really into it.

Test Drive Expensive Cars:

A little roleplay never hurts! Get dressed up like the fancy-schmancy socialites you are and test drive some luxury vehicles. Whether you prefer a slick Audi R8 or something strong and sexy like a Maserati GranTurismo, go out and see which ones you can get behind the wheel of.

Groupon Date:

Photo courtesy of Giovana Pina

Date nights can get pretty pricey. Check out Groupon for any deals on local dining, events and so on. It will help your wallet out and you may just stumble over something interesting!