5 things you should experience in college

College is a time to learn about yourself and to take advantage of your last thread of freedom before graduating and working for the Man.

Here are five things that you should definitely try while in college:


No, not a birthday party. A get ratchet, wake up drunk kind of party. Drinking and partying isn’t for everyone, but sometimes you just need the right atmosphere to let loose. A lot of people frown down on partying, but it can be a great way to socialize and just be the stereotypical, 20-something.

If you don’t like it, leave. If you do like it, just be sure to call an Uber at the end of the night. If you plan on going out again, make sure you set out some Excedrin Migraine and water.

Wear pajamas to class.

If you partake in number one, chances are you’ll try this one too. Wearing pajamas to class is the epitome of being a college student – it’s practically how leggings came to be socially acceptable pants.

The first time you may feel a little self-conscious, but when you see Tommy and Suzie also rocking their Power Ranger flannels in Psychology, you’ll feel right at home.

Study Abroad.

Now is the time to travel. We don’t know what the future has in store for us, our friends or our families – life is known for throwing monkey wrenches.

So, take the time now to go through your school and use its structure to experience another culture while you don’t have as much to worry about. It’ll be a worth-while adventure. Read our top reasons to study abroad here.

Take a road trip.

Maybe studying abroad just isn’t in the cards for you – if it is, still listen up. Road tripping with your friends can be a great experience. You get to see so much more than the little college bubble and start to realize just how big this world is.

Plus, you’re in the great company of your friends. So, save up, map out and start driving.

Pay for a meal in all change.

Okay. This will (hopefully) be a one time thing. But you’re broke and in college, so this is probably the only time you can get away with this and not feel like a total a-hole.

Just try to hold in your giggles until after the cashier counts your nickels and dimes – you don’t want them to lose their place!