5 Tips on waking up easier

The scenario is all too familiar: your alarm goes off, don’t get out of bed, hit the snooze button, and repeat. Once you’re finally out of bed you’re mad at yourself that you have to rush to class and down a venti espresso.

Here are some ways to make it that little bit easier to get out of bed:

Drink a Glass of Water

Believe it or not, your body used a lot of water to recover while you were sleeping to get your ready for the next day.

Chug down (not sip) a bottle of cold water and you’ll get the hydration you need and a jumpstart to your brain. You won’t even need coffee after you do this, that would’ve just dehydrated you anyway.

Keep a Window Open

Your body will wake up better if it wakes up by itself. Keep your window open so some natural light comes in; your body will appreciate that much more than another inconsiderate wakeup call from Siri.

Warm Up

For me this works the best. I keep a space heater in my room so when I wake up I just flip it on. It’s much easier to get out of bed when your room doesn’t feel like a refridgerator.

If you tend to sleep with a fan on, turn it off when your first alarm goes off.

A warm shower can also do the trick, but we aware of the after shower chills.

Customize Your Alarm

Experimenting with what sounds and schedule wakes you up can also help. For me I need 3 alarms with 10 minute snoozes, and it has be to loud.

If you want to ditch the traditional alarm, try out the app Wakie! Instead of an alarm, someone from a different country will call you and have a conversation limited to 60 seconds. Who knows what friends you could make!

Keep a Schedule

Sleeping til 3pm on the weekends and then having to wake up for an 8am class Monday morning is just not realistic. If you stick to a routine, you’ll probably wake up a couple minutes before your alarm turns on and feel a lot better while doing it too.