How DJ Joshwayy is driving down his own path

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Photo by Mohammed F Emran

“There’s only one Joshwayy in the world. And the best way is the Joshwayy,” joked Florida Atlantic University senior communications major Josh “Joshwayy” Smith.

Smith put himself on the mark about two years ago as a DJ, participating in events like Peek Downtown’s “Out of Mind Tour” and hosting for FAU’s Owl Radio. Now, he is taking his act on-screen and creating his own show, “Drive.”

“It’s all about what drives people to do what they do,” said Smith. “I want to know where that inspiration came from, where that led to.”

The show, set to begin online, will highlight people in the community who are “dedicated to their craft.” Smith will go to locations uniquely important to each subject and learn about what motivates them in a “day-in-the-life” fashion.

This is a big step for Smith as he strives to pursue a television career. With Oprah as his biggest inspiration, he hopes to host his own late night talk show one day.

“It’s my senior year – I’m branching out,” he explained. “To me, this isn’t a school project; it’s me making my dream a reality.”

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Photo by Mohammed F Emran

However, notoriety isn’t Smith’s priority.

“I don’t do it for myself. I don’t do it for fame; I don’t do it for the money. I do it to make people happy,” said Smith. “I love people. That’s what I’m surrounded by all day, everyday. So, why not love them. You guys are here for a reason, and I’m just here to make you guys better. Push you guys to be the best you can be.”

Photo by Mohammed F. Emran
Photo by Mohammed F. Emran

With a small team of just himself and a friend, Smith hopes people will be attracted to how personal the show is. In fact, he taught himself how to use all of the production equipment, including how to film, edit and use a green screen.

“I’m just like anyone else. At the core of us, we’re all just people,” said Smith. “And I’m just choosing to use my voice and to use my talents and my personality to help others.”

Stay posted to Smith’s YouTube channel and social media for upcoming episodes. There is a tentative launch day of Sunday, Oct. 25. Also, check back to Two Seventy this Friday for a DJ Joshwayy weekend playlist.