How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

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How to Pack for a Weekend Trip
Keep it simple! You want to be able to mix and match.

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip
Just in never know what will happen so throw in a more formal outfit.

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip
If you wear your biggest shoes you can fit all your clothes one bag.

If you’re bringing half of your closet for a two day trip, you’re doing it wrong. For those of us who pack an excessive amount or just don’t know what to take for a weekend trip, here are some tips to hopefully get you to downsize to a backpack or small duffle bag.

Don’t ignore the weather!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve packed your most adorable outfits…if the weather is bad, then your weekend trip will be, too. Make sure you check the weather and choose your outfits accordingly. Especially if it’s snowing…because sun dresses won’t keep you warm.

Stay Within the Same Colors

When choosing your pieces, think of which tops can mix and match with each other. Especially neutral tones that go great with everything.

Keep it simple

Stay away from overly patterned tops or bottoms, especially with crazy colors. This will make it easy to recycle pieces if you don’t plan on washing while you’re away.

Accessorize Minimally

One necklace matches all…this should work for basically any trip you go on. Same goes for your purse and earrings. Don’t stress too much on accessories. Weekend trips go by so fast that you won’t even remember to use them all anyway.

For Your Feet

Go wearing your “heaviest” footwear and it’ll give you more space in your duffel bag. Depending on what you have planned to do, you might be able to stick with one shoe the entire weekend. Close-toed shoes are generally the go to choice, like flats or converses. Flip flops or heels aren’t necessary, but are still good to keep in mind.

Just In Case…

If you aren’t all that sure of what activities you will be doing during the trip, bring backups! Perhaps a dressier outfit or a bikini.

Outfits should be the least of your worries during a getaway. Stay simple and don’t take what you know you won’t need. If you still feel like you want to take a suitcase full of clothes, be my guest…just know that your friends won’t help you carry it.