Midterm survival pack

I remember the first day of Fall semester like is was a month ago, because it was about a month ago. So if you’re like me and feel like exams just took over your schedule here is what you need to make it out without killing yourself or your GPA.

   1. Study Materials

Textbooks, sticky notes, and highlighters are a must to learn any material. There is no way you can just stare at a book and absorb all the information. Sometimes color coordinating your notes and textbook can help as well. Try highlighting vocabulary words in one color and then important information in another. Or summarize a whole page onto a sticky note.

   2. Caffeine

Staying alert is difficult, but mandatory. Sipping on coffee or an energy drink can help you not to crash. Trying out different kinds of caffeinated drinks can help too, like buttered coffee or green tea.

   3. Motivational Music

Check out the playlist that we made here. No matter what kind of music you enjoy find some tunes that work for you. If you can’t stay focused because you’re belting out Beyonce, you may want to pick a different station. Instead of pandora try out the app Songza, which allows you to pick stations based on what you’re doing. Or try music that doesn’t have any lyrics in them.

  4. Snacks

You need fuel to keep going. Stay aways from foods that will make you more tired like candy and sugar. Find a snack that works for you. You might also want to stay away from big meals as it will most likely result in a food coma. Try a protein bar or shake instead, or even a smoothie from Jamba Juice.

  5. Stress Reliever

Over stressing about a test isn’t going to make your brain understand the material any better. For some people this may be nice lighting or comfy clothes, while others might just need a beer. Just remember the goal isn’t to drink all your worries away.