Serve up spirit at the Delray Beach Open

Some of the world’s greatest tennis players have taken the court at the Delray Beach Open tennis tournament, but none have won the hearts of competition-goers like the VolleyGirls – and now you have the chance to be one.

As the promoters of the event since 2007, VolleyGirls are a part of “the sponsors’ private parties, PR engagements with players on-air in TV and radio, as well as appearances in the Delray Beach community and Palm Beach County,” according to the Delray Beach Open’s site.

Executive director John Butler said, “We thought it [the VolleyGirls] would be popular, but never realized the extent to which these girls became the iconic figures of the event they did. Now they’ve received national recognition, endorsement deals with incredible fashion boutiques, fitness and spa memberships… It’s all just exploded in such a fantastic way. They’ve become an ideal representation of the event.”

But, being a VolleyGirl requires hard work, meaning the perfect ‘do is necessary to get the job done. Here are some tutorials to get your hair sleek and straight or curled and volumized for any VolleyGirl duties:



The application to be a VolleyGirl is open until Nov. 30th. They’re looking for “positive, energetic, talented, personable and professional” girls with backgrounds in competitive dance that are 18 years or older to try out. In-person auditions will begin Dec. 4th; The Open will be hosted Feb. 12 to 23, 2016.