Things every college student should be thankful for

College students’ lives are so consumed with stress and alcohol that sometimes thinking of things to be thankful for this season can be difficult. So, when your family takes turns going around the dinner table sharing what they’re most grateful for there’s no need to panic – we took care of it for you.

You’re Getting an Education

I know, I know. You’re hating school right now because finals are coming up and you haven’t gone to class in a month, but you know you’re going to be better for it. Even if all you learn is that you would rather drink than study, at least you’re learning something.

These Memories Will Last Forever

You will never forget the moments you are experiencing now. From pulling several all nighters to that one time you almost got your roommate arrested, these are some of the best years of your life.

You Still Have the Rest of Your Life Ahead of You

Sometimes it feels like the end of the world, but your big boy job hasn’t even started yet! Be grateful for this in between time where you’re not completely alone but you still have freedom. The only person doing your laundry after graduation is you.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

There’s no way Mom is going to send you back to campus without enough turkey to feed you for the week. This is probably the only real food you will have until the end of the semester, so don’t turn down that extra serving.

Free Stuff

Condoms, pens and food can be found on every college campus, not costing you penny. But all of that goes away once you walk across the stage. Appreciate it now while you still can, and maybe grab some for the road.


A college student’s best friend and lifesaver. Focusing would be impossible and naps would occur much too frequently without it. Even if you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee you have to admit it still comes in handy.


Let’s be honest, you would’ve failed all of your classes without it.


A student’s biggest love/hate relationship. They may have just released new episodes of OITNB, but you also have that exam that’s worth 50 percent of your grade. But it’s also the best cuddle buddy on those nights when “Netflix and Chill” means catching up with shows and eating ice cream.

Walls with Multiple Outlets

Staying connected is a necessity and batteries sometimes make it difficult, so any location that has enough outlets for everyone is always a win.