Gift Guide 2015: Star Wars

Star Wars is taking over Christmas and with anything and everything looking as if it is from a galaxy far far away, here are a few Star Wars themed gifts that are perfect for your friends with which the force is strong.


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Avid Star Wars fans have been anticipating this game for years, and it’s finally here, even if EA latched on $40 DLC and took the prequel universe away. Pick it up on Xbox, PS4 or PC. $59.99

AT-AT Bookends

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This All-Terrain Armored Transport will be sure to keep your books in order. Unfortunately Gamestop did not make it available until Dec. 30th but you can preorder it for $224.99. If you need it for Christmas day, eBay has it for $602.67

R2D2 Desk Vacuum

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This sassy little robot helped out Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, and now it can help you keep your desk clean. $22.69

Stormtrooper Portable Charger

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Now you too can wield the power of the Empire. $29.99

Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater

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You won’t look like a dad in this sweater, but you can go tell Luke you’re his father. It’s also available in plus sizes, or if you’re shopping for a guy you can get one for men too. $19.96 – $38

Boba Fett Art

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Boba will always be our favorite Bounty Hunter. Sorry Jango, but Boba’s the original in our galaxy, at least. All of fandom is hoping he makes a return in the next set of movies — till then he lives in memoriam on our walls with this melty-looking design, even if this art may be considered distasteful in some parts of Mandalore considering the whole Sarlacc stomach acid situation. $16 – $35

“I love you” “I know” Pillow

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Harrison Ford improvised this line during filming, and for that it’ll go down as our favorite smuggler’s best line of all time — at least until the new movie comes out. $31.96 

Yoda Wall Decal

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Buy or buy not. There is no thought that counts. $14.96