The worst times to get tongue-tied

Freudian slips – they happen to the best of us. However, mixing up two people’s names is sometimes more unfortunate than others.

Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe slip up is the most recent, public display of such an occurrence…

We feel for you, Steve. But, anyone’s tongue can get tied up — here are five of the worst times it can happen:

5. At Starbucks: Between misspellings and mispronunciations, the Starbucks drink-swap has been a long running epidemic.

4. An award show: Sometimes butchering a name is just as bad as saying the wrong one. *cough cough John Travolta*

3. A family gathering: Don’t pretend you remember the name of the wife of your third cousin twice removed with the gap in her teeth name at the next reunion – you’ll most likely have to see her again and never live it down.

2. In bed: Let’s just say you don’t wanna be this girl.

1. At the altar: ‘Who the Bleep did I Marry?’ takes on a whole new meaning with this one. (Remember Ross’s wedding?)