5 apps to help tackle your resolution

The inability to stick to a New Year’s resolution is a worldwide epidemic – hence why January 17th has become “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.”

But, with a little help from your friends (aka the App Store), you can stay on track with the press of a few buttons. Here are five apps you should check out:

For getting in shape:

Photo by www.lifehack.org
Photo by www.lifehack.org

My Fitness Pal (Free) includes a calorie counter and diet tracker. By staying in touch with how many calories you’re taking in and how many you’re burning, you’ll be able to find a balance and start reaching your goals.

For getting organized:

Awesome Note ($2.99) not only allows you to check todo lists and calendars, but acts as a daily diary, storing voice memos, photos and shopping lists.

For learning something new:

Photo by exist.io
Photo by exist.io

Forest ($0.99) is an app that helps you stay focused by growing a tree from a sapling. The catch: If you get distracted and reach for your phone to check any notifications or social media platforms, your tree will wither away.

For spending time with friends/family:

Keep the laughs coming at your next gathering with Face Swap Live ($0.99). The app allows you to swap faces with friends and family for the funniest photo ops.

For saving money:

Photo by www.imore.com
Photo by www.imore.com

Mint (Free) money manager will aid you in keeping track of your funds with color and simple visuals. Also, create a personal budget and receive tips on how to save money.