How to stick to your New Year’s resolution

Talking the talk is a lot easier than walking the walk. But, there are some ways to help keep your goals in sight and manageable.

Don’t let your resolution fizzle out and stay on track with these tips:

One thing at a time

If you set several resolutions at once, you run the risk of getting overwhelmed. Instead, tackle each goal one at a time.

Break it down

Going into a resolution without a game plan might not be the best path to success. Figure out what resources you might need to complete your goal, work it into your budget, if necessary, and find room in your daily routine to make sure you are staying on track.

Give it a good effort

You ate that burrito… and the chips and guac. So what? Don’t give up on yourself after one failure. Instead, forgive yourself for breaking your resolution and keep going. Be sure to reflect on what led you to breaking it and work to better yourself.

Share it with someone

Holding yourself accountable can be difficult. Stay committed by having a friend, or friends, join you on your journey. Want to travel more? Plan monthly trips that all of you might enjoy. Want to get healthy? Find a gym buddy that may also be into meal prepping with you. You can even challenge each other, giving a competitive edge to your resolution.  

Treat yo’ self

A year of misery isn’t what it takes to better yourself. Don’t get bogged down in your resolution and plan some treat days. Set certain goals for each month, and once you achieve them, reward yourself. This could be allowing yourself a piece of cake, a spa day, new pair of shoes – anything that would make you happy! Plus, being able to visualize set goals will help you track progress and stay motivated.

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