“Netflix & chill” gets an old school twist

Your next “Netflix and chill” might require you to be a little more hands on… in the kitchen.

Elle magazine predicts that “Netflix and cook” will become a diet trend in 2016 as people become focused on eating homemade meals. The article “10 Diet Trend Predictions For 2016,” consulted Amanda Foti, Senior RD of Selvera Wellness, who said, “Grocery delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are making it easier for even the busiest people to have a home-cooked meal using whole, fresh ingredients.”

But, whether you grocery shop via the internet or good ‘ole Publix, whipping up a meal for your significant other while putting on some of Netflix’s most recent additions is a sure way to put a traditional spin on the modern day “Dinner and a Movie.”


Photo by focusfeaturesmedia.com
Photo by focusfeaturesmedia.com

Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” on the small screen is a great choice to turn on some romance during date night. While watching the complex relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett develop, prepare a meal fit for a gentleman.

Try a nice, roast chicken with root vegetables. After dinner, serve up a simple yet intimate dessert of fruits with dipping chocolate.


Photo by bossip.com
Photo by bossip.com

Keeping up with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke in “Training Day” requires a good, hearty meal.

Grill up some filet mignon with a red wine sauce and plate it with rosemary potatoes. A vegetarian and creative alternative to steak is grilled cauliflower. For dessert, put together an easy-to-make Oreo cheesecake.


Photo by catalogue.presto.com.au
Photo by catalogue.presto.com.au

While laughing at Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller in the 2004 romantic comedy, “Along Came Polly,” have fun with your food.

Together, make personal pizzas, stacking up your toppings of choice. To make it easy on yourself, look for pre-made dough and sauce at your grocery store. And for dessert, load up bowls of ice cream with everything your hearts desire. You can even try to recreate some of these sweet concoctions.