The do’s and don’ts of résumé writing

January is the time of year when summer internship hopefuls hastily pull together any and all work experience as they try to get a foot in the door of their company of choice.

In an effort to impress, they write page after page of qualifications and skill sets, only to be disappointed when rejected. The content creators at Two Seventy have all been through job and internship interviews, so we have some idea of what potential employers are looking for.

Here are our top tips to get your résumé in tip top shape:

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  • Try to keep it to one page. Having a five page resume just looks like you’re bragging, not that you’re that good.
  • Use reverse chronological order: List your most recent work first, then go backwards.
  • If you don’t have any work experience, list volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, relevant coursework or emphasize skills you have that could apply to the internship.
  • Try to give three references. This will give your possible employer a well-rounded view of who you are, should they reach out to all of them. (Asking somebody to request reference contact info is an a-hole move.)
  • Unless you’re a freshmen, try to leave off what you did in highschool.
  • Get a new email address. is not going to get you a job or an internship.
  • Don’t worry about stating an objective; it’s pretty obvious what you want out of an internship.
  • Leave out basic skills, including your expert level knowledge of Word programs. Nowadays, that’s something everyone has. Skills like the ability to code are what you should be boasting about.
  • Don’t forget to add a way for them to contact you (email or phone number is preferred.)
  • Link a professional site like LinkedIn, not Facebook. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, now be the time to make one.
  • Don’t use a font size under nine. Anything smaller is way too hard to read.
  • Colors are nice, but making your possible employer read what looks to be a Skittles bag isn’t necessarily a good thing. Organize sections by size and fonts instead.

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