What to know before your first spa visit

Going to the spa is a wonderful way to unwind and forget the bustle of the outside world. But, when you’re worried about making a faux pas, it can dampen the experience.

Here are a few things to consider before hitting the massage table that may help make your next spa visit even better:

1. Be early. Give yourself some time to change into your robe, relax and sip some tea before your appointment. Hit the sauna, if you want. 20 – 30 minutes should be enough time.

2. Cover up. You should receive a robe and spa sandals to roam around in. If you’re getting a facial, they’ll most likely give you another wrap to leave on during the treatment. During most treatments, the only parts of your body exposed will be the ones the masseuse is working on. If they fail to give you something, or you’d like an extra towel, just ask.

3. Put your phone away. This is a time to relax and let go of the rest of the world. Plus, you want to be considerate of the other people around. Don’t worry, your locker will keep it safe.

4. Speak up. If the pressure is too hard or the steam is too hot, let them know. This also goes for if you’re unsure about how the spa goes about something. Will your masseuse come back into the room after your treatment? Ask. Will adding the super duper effective, chemical exfoliant cost extra? Ask.

5. But don’t be too loud. When in the resting lounge before and after your treatment, be respectful of others who are trying to relax and keep your voice low.

6. Yes, you can eat that snack. Some spas have attendants who will get you whatever you’d like, but don’t be afraid to get yourself a glass of citrus water or a cup of ginger pear tea.

7. To tip or not to tip? It’s a question that should be addressed prior to going in for your treatment. Some spas include a service fee, while for others, 15 – 20% will do.