9 tips for a clean closet

A woman’s closet: one of the unknown wonders of the world. Also one of the most difficult places to keep organized. If you’re looking for ways to regain control of your closet, here are nine tips for getting ready for Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition!

1. Use the space you have wisely and organize!

It doesn’t matter if you have a large closet and a tiny amount of clothes, if it’s thrown in there, you will always be discouraged to utilize the full potential of your clothes. Invest in good hangers, a shoe rack and some boxes to keep everything in place.

2. The 1-year rule is a thing…

If you’re holding onto something you haven’t worn in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye. There are only a couple exceptions to this rule: your wedding dress and black-tie outfits.

3. Does it even still fit you?

This question may hurt to ask yourself, but you have to. There’s no point in keeping something if it won’t even go over your head. If you don’t want people seeing you in it, chances are you should get rid of it.

4. Do you see yourself wearing it again?

We all hate one-night stands, especially with our clothes. Just like you shouldn’t buy clothes to wear once, you definitely should not keep it in your closet as a reminder. Let it go…

5. Get rid of the damages.

You know that t-shirt with a hole in it in the back of your closet? Yeah. Trash it. You won’t wear it anymore. Just learn to say goodbye. Better now than never.

6. Categorize and separate.

Although you may wish that the year was a never-ending summer, it’s still best to organize according to the seasons. Don’t mesh the seasonals together because then you may never realize how much you truly have for the winter. Thus, the cycle continues. It’s also good to separate by dresses, skirts, sweaters, etc. This way, you’ll get ready a lot faster in the mornings.

7. Take care of the little things.

Hats, scarves, belts and accessories deserve a place in your closet too. Sometimes leaving them unattended can leave your closet in shambles. Placing your hats in a bin and hanging your purses on a loop hanger will help give everything its own place.

8. Stay in the now.

Avoid convincing yourself to keep articles of clothing just for nostalgia’s sake. Don’t make it hard for yourself. Think about current fashion trends and keep what goes along those lines. You’ll always leave the house looking like a fashionista.

9. Make use of all the space.

Don’t neglect the floor and doors. You can line your shoes at the bottom of your closet, under all your clothes and hang your necklaces on the door or wall of your closet. Perfect!

The best way to get your closet fully organized is to start from square one. Meaning, take everything out and assess the pieces as you place them back in. Either donate or trash what you have at the end.