Staying cozy and chic

Who says you can’t be stylish while being comfortable, and in this case, warm? This sweater, or cardigan, weather is the time to show off all the warm clothing you own through the mess of sundresses and bikinis.

But there’s no reason to wear your sweatshirt from bandcamp when there are amazing sweaters out there. Here are four outfits to stay stylish yet comfy:

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Photo by Mohammed F Emran

This cardigan is simple enough that you can throw it over any shirt and jeans or even a dress. Yet, it’s still unique enough that when you turn around it will grab people’s attention.  

It’s perfect for when you’re running late and just need something quick to wear, but you’ll still look like you have put yourself together. I just added it onto some distressed jeans and a tank top with combat boots, but if you want to look more feminine pair it with a simple dress.

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Too Cozy to Handle

Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Sometimes you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket and wobble over to class, well in this outfit you’ll feel like you never left your bed!

This cardigan is basically a socially acceptable blanket, and since it’s pretty long you can practically wear anything underneath it, including your favorite pair of leggings. Similar to the first outfit, the back of this cardigan has a pattern that adds some color. I added a similar color scarf to stay extra warm and a heeled boot to cancel out the length of the sweater making you appear shorter.

With all the colors being pretty dark, I wore a simple white shirt and medium wash jeans, pulling my hair into a top knot to show off the back of the sweater.

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All About That Cut

Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Plaid is one of my favorite prints and this high-low cut adds a feminine quality to it. It’s super flowy and grabs people’s attention without sticking out like a sore thumb. You can get these kinds of sweaters made with thinner material for cheap (this one’s from Target) which is great if the weather decides to warm up.

With the sweater already being a statement I wanted to keep the jeans simple with this light distressed washed and a white t-shirt. I added the fedora because I think compliments the cardigan without overdoing it. Since the sweater is longer in the front and can make your legs look shorter I wore heeled boots instead of flat ones, but it would be ideal if your shoes matched the same tone of your hat.

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Clean Up Good

Photo by Mohammed F Emran 

A night out does not mean you have to leave your oversized sweater at home, just dress it up a little. By keeping everything minimal, you’ll stand out by staying simple. And with a knit one you can wear whatever you want under it depending on the weather.

You can never go wrong with black and white, especially if you add a little pop of color. In this case, I wanted my legs to look long since my sweater is pretty big, so I chose shoes the same color as my jeans.

I also wanted my pop of color to be pretty subtle so I wore one of my favorite hats that has a maroon top, the cut of this fedora also adds a little edge to it.

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