Where’s the love? We asked around

Love is in the air at Florida Atlantic University, and it’s going to be a holiday to remember.

Valentine’s Day – sarcastically known as a “Hallmark holiday” or “Singles Awareness Day” – sees skyrocketing sales in greeting cards, chocolates, teddy bears, candies and other romantic gifts, but underneath all of the sweet treats and material gifts lies the true meaning of the day: the celebration of all things lovely and romantic.

Because many of us grew up with technology right at our fingertips, a “hook-up” culture has become the norm – no attached strings. Love is complicated now; people our age aren’t sure about what they want or what they’re looking for. Dating is seen less and less, and getting married and settling down is happening much later in life.

But here’s the catch: Many of us still firmly believe in love and all that it means, and the students of FAU are ready to celebrate the holiday.

“I’m honestly not too sure what love is,” says Bayleigh Kilpatrick, a sophomore music education major. “I think there’s so many different types … and they’re all so super different.”

However, one is no better than the other, and as Jared Herron, a sophomore criminal justice major, says, “Love is when two people accept each other for who they are. The door to communication is always open, and they can be themselves, no matter what.”

Love is unconditionally sweet. It’s connecting with someone and simply living life together with a person whom you both can support and grow with. Taylor Morrisson, a freshman secondary social science education major, says that “love is about opening your heart up to someone, someone who brings out the best in you.”

Love is that first sip of coffee in the morning, the way your boyfriend, girlfriend and friends raise you up and support you, all of life’s crazy adventures and, yes, kisses anywhere, anytime.

Breanna Alvarez, a junior elementary education major, says that “to love someone is to trust them and yourself, and to feel free to be yourself when you’re with them.”

Valentine’s Day should be less about the gifts and more about celebrating love. It’s not an excuse to shower praises to someone one day out of the entire year. Love is sweet, simple, meaningful, all-encompassing and powerful.


So get out there, attend a chocolate potluck, have a RomCom movie night, take a weekend getaway trip, have a cute picnic on the beach and take full advantage of the candy sales the day after. Spread, share and celebrate the loves in your life, and of course, enjoy the chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!