Being the one and only Vanessa Gallardo

Photo by Stella Alves
Photo by Stella Alves

They say you have to walk before you can run. Well, that doesn’t apply to Vanessa Gallardo, who started singing before she could even form sentences.

With no formal lessons, Gallardo began honing in on her natural talent by appearing on Sesame Street at the tender age of four. From there on, people always took notice of her tonality and rhythm, sparking something in her and creating an outlet to help her unwind.

Now, she is signed with Florida Atlantic University’s record label, Hoot/Wisdom Recordings, taking her artistry to the next level.

Looking up to artists like Alicia Keys, for being a lyrical genius, and Ariana Grande, for her R&B tones, Gallardo draws from more soulful artists to create her own music. “I don’t want to be someone that got into the Top 40 because of what I look like or what I say,” says Gallardo who prides herself and her song on their authenticity. “I want it to be because of my music.”

She regularly listens to array of artists including the Arctic Monkeys, The Neighborhood, Rihanna, John Mayer, Drake and Amy Winehouse. But, her go-to song is “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. It just so happens to be the song she was assigned during her auditions for the hit, singing competition show, “The Voice,” two years ago.


Up against some fierce competition as she went through the early rounds of the show’s process, Gallardo says she learned a lot and that it keeps an artist grounded going through such an experience.

Photo by Stella Alves
Photo by Stella Alves

Describing her writing style as a developing sound from R&B to more blues, Gallardo hopes to evolve in the future with more alternative tones. She has written her own music, but feels that it is too personal to release just yet.

As for her time spent working with Hoot/Wisdom, Gallardo says that they are “supportive” and “allow her to be a part of every single step.” She got her start with them after singing at a karaoke night at the Burrow Bar and Grill at Florida Atlantic University where she is a sophomore majoring in peace studies.

She was then invited to an event, where she was then introduced to her now manager, Chris Moragne, who brought her onto the label. Now, Gallardo has plans to put out an EP.

Even though Gallardo believes Hoot/Wisdom will bring her more exposure, she hopes to remain humble and learn as much as possible about the industry, avoiding the negative stereotypes and pressures. All in all, her “big[gest] goal” is to be able to influence others with her music though her originality.