How to: Breaking up with a friend

All good things must come to an end. Especially if that thing is no longer “good”. If you can name more downsides to the friendship than benefits, this one is for you. And if by the end of this, you find that you cannot relate, then I have news for you…

See the signs

First things first, realize you need to cut someone from your life. If they are only using you for what you can do for them or what you have, that’s an easy red flag to notice. If they never listen when you need them to or place effort in the friendship, but constantly demand your attention, they have to go. If they’re always trying to “one-up” you, instead of providing support, or often weasel out of hanging out… I’m pretty sure you can already think of three people who need the talk…

Enough Negativity

You deserve better than this, and you should always be moving forward in life. If they keep bringing up a low point from your past, they are only there to keep your self-esteem low.

Trust Issues

The key to any relationship, romantic or not, should be based on trust. If you can’t trust them with knowing what you ate for breakfast, it’s a clear sign you have some cutting to do.

The Easy Approach

Slowly stop responding to them on social media and text messages. Seems harsh, but they should start to notice. In a day and age where we are constantly on our phones, I’m sure they’ll see a pattern. Stick with simple responses with no emotion and shoot down hangout invites. With this technique, the friendship should fizzle out with minimal damage.

Pick Your Hangouts

 If that wasn’t obvious enough, go with a more “in-your-face” approach. Start hanging out with mutual friends, but only when you know they aren’t going. It sends a direct message.


 If all these fail to remove sed fake friend from your tail, a formal conversation might be required. Sit them down and break down the horrible news of how you just don’t need them in your life anymore. Because honestly, your life would be easier that way anyway. Be formal about it. Take them out for some coffee and cookies. Because no one can be mad at cookies and a public place is always nice.


The “I’m busy” bit is just a cop-out. You owe it to yourself to be honest. Especially do not end it over text. Have some dignity. Treat it just like any relationship and do what you would want them to do to you.

Nip It In the Bud

Toxic friendships need to be dealt with immediately. There is not time for fizzle or a proper conversation. Leave them cold turkey. No ragrets.

And that’s how you do it! Easy and painless, like popping a zit. Now go through your list of “friends” and determine who else you need to get rid of, then repeat the steps above! If they are bringing burdens into your life, then they just might not be worth the trouble of keeping around.

Take it from experience, once you take notice of these leeches and rid your life of them, you will not only gain confidence in yourself, but you will also feel accomplished in doing so.