Learning to be a Girl Boss


Women are taking over all levels of the workplace and looking great doing so. With so many inspiring females breaking down barriers, who wouldn’t want to get on board and become a #girlboss herself?

Sophia Amoruso, author of the best-seller “#Girlboss” and Executive Chairman and founder of Nasty Gal is one of the biggest inspirations for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Starting the clothing brand’s empire selling vintage clothes on eBay in 2006, Amoruso didn’t know she would lead the brand on to earn $23 million before her thirtieth birthday.

But some of us still aren’t quite sure how to get to be the girl boss we dream of. Here are some ways to become one, from some Girl Bosses themselves:

Make Goals and Stick to Themgirlboss2

It’s nice to dream of the perfect future, but sometimes you have to make them a reality. By planning out daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals can help you and the people around you stay on track. To do that you need to have an end goal to begin with.

Stay True to Yourselfgirlboss3

Sometimes with all the pressure to be perfect, we forget that our uniqueness is sometimes the most valuable thing we have to offer. People are going to try to change you and your ideas into what they think is right. Stay confident in your vision and don’t spend time trying to be someone you’re not. Your best quality could be hidden in your individual abilities.

Accept Failuregirlboss4

Greater the risk means greater reward, so don’t be scared to make some mistakes – you’ll probably learn more from them anyways.

Many successful people went through failure Including the arguably best author of our generation: JK Rowling. She was rejected by several publishing firms, but she didn’t give up and look at her now!

Leave Your Entitlement Behindgirlboss5

If it’s one thing a Girl Boss knows to be true is that they are going to work (work, work, work, work, work), and do a lot of it. But sometimes we tend to get consumed in our title or position and neglect anything that is outside of that.

Pay your dues and work your way up. And if you already did, don’t forget where you came from. It will benefit the company and keep you humble. So if you see some trash on the floor just pick it up! It will save someone else from doing it and make everyone’s environment better.

Don’t Half-ass Anythinggirlboss6

There are two reasons why people half-ass something: They think it is beneath them or think they can’t do it. If your reason is the first, you may want to reread leave your entitlement behind. But if you’re the latter know that great things can happen to you, not someone else.

Who says you can’t get the job you want? When sending in your resume don’t try to act cool, show what you have done and be proud of it! Showing that you put effort into it instead of slacking out of fear or arrogance will open up doors for you.