Spring trends: Clutches with a cause

It’s not everyday you find a company that is cute and caring, but with Purse & Clutch every product is backed with a cause.

Founded in Austin, TX as a hobby to help a friend sell artisans’ work in India, Jen Lewis has grown Purse & Clutch on the foundation of giving people sustainable jobs who would usually not be able to. Lewis grew her love for fair trade while experiencing how valuable it is during her time in countries like Guatemala and Honduras where sustainability is slim.

Wanting to make their customers comfortable and conscious of where and how all its items are made, Purse & Clutch has a description under each product stating where it was made and where the money is going, there is also a set of principles for the entire company.

Staying up to date with current trends, Jen and the team focus on giving consumers the opportunity to not have to choose because style and social issues.

We chose to style two different items from Purse & Clutch’s website with 2016 spring trends to spark some inspiration for this season.

You can get 10% off your Purse & Clutch order with the coupon code spring270.

Classic Leather Crossbody

College life sometimes requires a lot of juggling. Your purse shouldn’t be one of those. This crossbody is the perfect choice to throw over your shoulder as a complement to almost any outfit. Plus, there’s enough room for your essentials so you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your necessities.

Designed and handmade in Costa Rica you can know that yours will be made just for you.

Honey Brown

Photo by Mohammed F Emran.
Photo by Mohammed F Emran.

We’re going to be seeing solid stripes in rompers, dresses, two pieces and shirts. Personally, I don’t like to be head to toe in stripes, but I do love a simple button up.

You can style it up with dress pants and heels or down like what I chose to do with distressed denim shorts, sneakers and a fedora. With the outfit having a nomad look, the honey brown crossbody adds the perfect touch and functionality of exploring life hands free.

270_ Purses_ Mohammed F Emran-5962
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Easter is coming early this year, meaning we can bring out our whites and wear them proudly sooner rather than later. This season, white jeans are in, but not the traditional skinnies. Flares and wide bottoms are coming back. But if you’re like me and like the trend but aren’t ready to go full on flare, roll up the ends for a less dramatic look.  

White jeans are perfect for staying relaxed while looking dressed up, so take note for the internship you just landed. And while you’re running around doing what interns do, a satchel is the best bag choice to have – cute and versatile. This one will go with any outfit you have, making it one less thing to think about in the morning.


270_ Purses_ Mohammed F Emran-6067
Photo by Mohammed F Emran.

Pastels and lace are two of my favorite colors/fabrics to wear so I’m thrilled I can wear them together this season. For pastels, you can wear them casually in a sundress or with lace like I did here for a date night.

I love how the cabernet color compliments the blush tone by making a contrasting statement piece with the pastel, but being subtle enough that you can pair it with other colors.

Photo by Mohammed F Emran.
Photo by Mohammed F Emran.

It’s not spring time without florals. If you’re not a huge fan of feeling overly girly in florals, add a utility jacket on top or around the waist for a more edgy look – both are a trend this spring.  

This crossbody’s color can go along with just about every floral pattern with either blending in – like in this outfit – or standing out against a more lighter toned piece.

“Be Brave” Pouch

Who doesn’t need their purse to remind them what they can be? When you’re stressing out about classes, your job and your future it’s nice to have that voice of positivity in your life – or holding all your crap.

The best part about this pouch is that you can keep it in your school bag during classes and then just pull it out to grab some coffee with friends!

Wear it proudly knowing the money you paid for it went towards Ethiopian women working to support going to University to improve their course of life.

Photo by Mohammed F Emran
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Another fun pattern that is coming back is polka dots. Perfect for lounging around campus or running to and from class.

270_ Purses_ Mohammed F Emran-6338
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Throwing the “Be Brave” pouch into your backpack with all of your essentials and then just taking it out and using it like a purse is perfect for a busy college student that doesn’t always have time to run home.

These are probably my favorite trends that are coming this season. In this case, I combined the two which is the most common way to style it this season.

Since it’s a pretty effortless, unstructured look that requires a bit of confidence, pairing denim with a pouch adds the perfect touch.