Top 10 #GirlBosses

Girlboss: One who dominates at home and at work; one who kicks ass and is in charge of her own life.

This Women’s Day we are celebrating girlbosses around the world. Here are 10 of those amazing women who are currently killing it:

1. Jessica Alba

You may know Jessica Alba as an actress on the big screen, but did you know she runs a “billion-dollar business empire”? Honest Beauty is Alba’s baby, and “celebrates diverse beauty. Not to mention, she’s a mother of two!

2. Lottie Tomlinson

Lottie came into the spotlight when her brother, Louis Tomlinson’s, band One Direction – you might’ve heard of them – made it big. Now, under the teaching of 1D makeup artist, Lou Teasdale, Lottie has branched out on her own and will be accompanying Selena Gomez on tour as her artist.

3. Priyanka Chopra

It’s no secret that Hollywood has been pretty whitewashed over the years. But, Priyanka Chopra’s presence alone is helping to bring diversity to the community. The Bollywood actress, singer, producer and philanthropist has been duped as one of the biggest stars out of India and is quickly becoming a household name.

4. Shay Mitchell

When she’s not trying to ditch A with her crew on the hit Freeform (formerly ABC Family) show Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell is busting her very fit butt, building her social media presence and creating a new platform for herself. In just one year she has gained over 1 million YouTube subscribers and has reached 11 million followers on Instagram.

5. Danielle Peazer

Lottie Tomlinson isn’t the only one on this list with a 1D connection. Peazer is boybander Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend, but that’s not what has her in the spotlight nowadays. After starting her own YouTube channel, collecting over 100,000 subscribers and establishing her blog, Idle Lane, the dancer/beauty guru is launching her own fragrance and makeup line, the Peace, Love, and Happiness collection.

6. Rowan Blanchard

At age 14, actress Rowan Blanchard (known for her role on Girl Meets World) shows more maturity than some women twice her age. As an activist for women and for the LGBT community (she herself identifies as queer), Blanchard demonstrates a level of bravery that makes her one of the most admirable members of young Hollywood.

7. Hannah Bronfman

As a DJ, model and entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman of HBFIT is a triple threat of new proportions. She teaches women of all ages how to embrace a healthy lifestyle while still having fun. And over the years, her success only continues to grow.

8. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has been modelling since she was a toddler, and now she is all grown up and still kicking ass as not only a model, but a role model for young girls. With a fuller figure, Hadid struggled with body shamers. But, as a Victoria’s Secret model with other bigtime campaigns including Versace, Tom Ford and Guess, nobody can knock her down.

9. Elaine Welteroth

Race isn’t always an easy topic to talk about, especially when you’re speaking to a young and impressionable audience. However, Teen Vogue’s beauty and health director, Elaine Welteroth, is breaking barriers and starting a conversation with her work at the magazine. As one of the minds behind the February 2016 issue featuring covergirl Amandla Stenberg and the writer of several pieces for girls of color, Welteroth is helping to bring diversity to the world of fashion.

10. Kylie Jenner

Even if keeping up with the “Karjenner” family isn’t your favorite pastime, there’s no doubting the level of work the youngest of the group puts in. From the launch of her app to the release of her uber-popular lip kit, Kylie Jenner knows what her fans want and strives to give it to them.