Why I’m not signing up for your Instagram notifications

My last chronological ordered Instagram feed consisted of enough arrows to fulfill Robin Hood’s fantasies – not a good way to go out btw. And even with all that encouraging I didn’t (and never plan to) sign up to get notified of anyone’s posts.

Here is why:

It’s annoying

I don’t even like it when I’m in the middle of a texting convo and my phone keeps buzzing and chirping, so why would I want to add one more thing to blow up my phone? With my battery draining from emails, texts, calls and Clash of Clans, the last thing I want is one more reason to drag around a portable battery.

I’m curious

With technology constantly developing I really wanna know what a computer algorithm thinks of my interests. Do I like more food porn than I thought? Have I been stalking my ex’s new girlfriend a little too much? Maybe I’ll learn I should unfollow big accounts that I never really enjoy anyways. Or if I never have to see that acquaintance that posts ten pictures at once about his day I’ll be happy.

There’s stalking

If I really want to know what a specific person is doing I’m honestly just going to stalk them. And let’s be real, that’s what you’re going to be doing too. The pictures you want to be notified of are probably posted by people you don’t want knowing they have your follow.