5 legitimate reasons to transfer colleges

Everyone has a mental picture of the university of their dreams. Maybe it’s the school your best friend ended up attending? Or maybe you simply like it because it’s the farthest away from home you can get.

Although you would absolutely love to spend your time participating in their welcome week events or football games, sometimes scary things such as tuition costs, or even just nerves, get in the way of you finally submitting that application.

How many people do you know actually have their lives put together at 18? Not many. It doesn’t make sense to require teenagers to jump from uniforms and detentions to having-your-life-planned-out-for-the-next-50-years by tomorrow morning.

Not only would that stress you out, but nine times out of 10 you may end up changing your mind. That’s probably why 50 to 70 percent of freshman change their major — sometimes up to 3 times — before graduation.

Maybe you were like me and have no idea what the heck is going on, but you’re hoping to figure it out before running out of scholarship money.

Don’t stress! Here are five legitimate, “parent-proof” reasons for you to throw some socks in a duffle bag and transfer!

1) Traveling

If you’re like me and grew up in South Florida, climate change is extremely foreign. There are trees other than palm trees? Yes, yes there are. There are places that sell subs other than Publix? You bet.

Transferring farther north or south, not only gives you a legitimate reason to change your entire wardrobe, but also lets you be the tourist for a change. You can spend your entire semester — or up until graduation — in a completely different environment tasting and experiencing all sorts of new things.

From hidden, local coffee shops to downtown, when you aren’t bundled up studying for midterms, there are always new places to visit!

2) Grown-up Things

College life is the near-to-last stepping stone before full-on adulthood. If you’re staying in a dorm you are basically an almost-grown-up, even if you’re attending a private university where you may have a curfew. Ultimately, dorm life allows you to make decisions like eating cold pizza for breakfast or falling asleep at 4 a.m..

If your university is like mine and meal plans are not available, you finally get to try out all the BuzzFeed Food videos plaguing your Facebook feed and experiment in the kitchen! Although, be sure to learn a thing or two, such as how to properly boil water or how not to burn grilled cheese, from mom before leaving the nest.

3) Scholarship Opportunities

Everything essentially boils down to cost. Whether we want to admit it or not, piles of student loans is not our ideal vision of what awaits us when we finally get that degree.

Believe it or not, many schools have scholarships to apply for that could actually save you more money than your current university. Sometimes there are even specific scholarships made just for transfer students!

Limit the amount of zeros written on your student loan applications, grab your computer and check out that school you’ve been eyeing since 10th grade.

4) Programs with Benefits

The majority of people end up changing their major at least once. If you’re in the position I was, your school may not have the program for your first-choice major, or they have it but it’s not how you want it to be.

Whatever the case (more times than not), when you change your major it may be a smart idea to look into other schools with stronger programs. What do they require? Will you have a better shot at that dream job when it’s finally over?

Odds are, if you’re feeling hesitant about picking that major you would much rather be doing because of bad rep on campus, don’t stress! You might just need a new set of school colors.

5) New Environment

Transferring, especially out of state, is honestly so exciting! If you like to travel but college expenses seem to make that out of the question, a change of schools is one of the closest things you can get to have that experience. Having a fresh start embracing exciting friendships and fun allows a great opportunity to be 100 percent you!

Not only will you be able to make new friends, but you’ll finally have an excuse for your old friends back home to spend that extra money they made on their latest raise on a plane ticket to visit on your 3-day weekend!

So, what are you waiting for? Throw your favorite t-shirt and toothbrush in a bag and prepare for an exciting, new college experience!