A little taste of South Florida’s Crepe Cafe

In the heart of Boca Raton, right down the street from Mizner Park, lies a restaurant with the hopes of bringing a little taste of Paris to all ages in the community.

Video and edit by Netanya Walton

“My wife, whose Canadian, she was always in love with French cuisine … She always wanted to have a French bakery. A creperie is not exactly a bakery, but we fell in love with this crepe place that we discovered in Deerfield,” said Alex Kalinic, the owner of Crepe Cafe. “We thought the place was simple but delicious, and that’s how we started.”

Kalinic took over the cafe two years ago, which has its flagship location in Deerfield. After finding success in the first location, the next move was to expand. The Boca site opened in December of last year, welcoming new clientele and offering them a French dining experience.

The new location dons little chef hats as lamp shades and has a stream of French music playing through the speakers, while the menu is also ever-evolving. The cafe offers a variety of flavors from the classic fruit and nutella to savory treats like brie and chicken.

However, it is not just the good food that draws people in. With few competitors, the Crepe Cafe appeals to a type of cuisine that the Palm Beach County area lacks. Not to mention, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with friendly service.

“There are people who come because it reminds them of Paris, or people who come just because they like good food and they want to try something new. Or people who come because they want an original dessert,” explains Kalinic “So we cater to all kinds of customers.”

Sit down with Alex of Crepe Cafe for a one-on-one, exclusive interview. And, go behind-the-scenes of making crepes.

Video by Netanya Walton and Mohammed F Emran.
Edited by Netanya Walton.