Beware of this tiny tampon

tampaxinstaA tampon small enough to slip into your purse or pocket can be beneficial in so many ways. But the famous tampon brand, Tampax, seems to be giving girls some extra issues during that time of the month.

Similar to those old Kotex Click commercials where you pull out the applicator’s stick and then snap it in place to insert, The Pocket Pearl has the same concept – except they don’t seem to be working.

Taking the place of a crowd favorite, the Tampax Compak, is probably why women are so upset over the change. Nothing makes a girl more cranky during shark week is taking away her favorite tampon, especially when the updated one doesn’t work.

Women have taken to social media to express just how disappointed they are.


Customers are being so honest that the comments are disabled and settings changed to unlisted on 
Tampax’s YouTube video explaining how to insert the discrete tampon, inducing yet another uproar because women felt the blame was being put on them and not the product.

According to Cosmopolitan, Tampax hears their customers and understands the frustration saying “we appreciate your feedback and I’m sharing your comments with our design team, who are continuously looking at ways to improve our products.”