3 Easy ways to wear sunscreen

We all know applying sunscreen is necessary, especially when you are living in the beautiful sunshine state, but remembering to can be difficult. Here are three easy ways to dodge sunburn:

SPF makeup

Cut out the decision between shelter and beauty, finding some foundation that already has sunscreen in it! You can find them in all forms of coverage from tinted moisturiser to full, so you’ll find one for your needs. L’Oreal True Match has a sun protection factor of 17 and, with many different shades, it’s the perfect summer foundation. It even comes in a Lumi version for people with dryer skin.

During the day, carry around a powder with SPF for reapplication without ruining your makeup.

Mixing sunscreen and your fave foundation

If you already found your holy grail foundation and don’t want to go out and find another one, just mix in some SPF or put it on before applying your makeup. There are also foundations, like the Cover FX Custom Color Drops, where you can build how much coverage you want by mixing it straight with your sunscreen.

SPF lotion

We can’t just focus on our face and ignore the rest of our bodies. Finding a lotion that has sunscreen in it, like this one by Alba Botanica, is an easy add to your morning routine. I’m pretty lucky and with my olive skin this method works for me whether I’m just walking around campus or having a day on the beach – sometimes applying more.