5 ways to declutter your life

It’s easy to lose track, become unorganized and begin to fall down that slippery slope or losing track of everything due to our hectic schedules.

Getting back on track by decluttering your life every now and then is important in ensuring your success academically, personally and professionally. Here’s how:

1. Set it up

Photo by Alexis Paige
Photo by Alexis Paige

Picking out your outfits the night before gives you more time in the morning to wake up, eat breakfast, finish up some last-minute homework and perfect your winged eyeliner. It’s so much easier to look presentable, polished and put-together since you won’t be as tempted just to throw on sweatpants and run out the door. Need some inspiration for outfits? Check out this year’s Spring trends here.

2. Time it

Set specific times throughout the week to do simple chores around the house that will help maintain your living space. For me, Sundays are for laundry, dishes are loaded into the dishwasher every other day and the mailbox is checked every Friday. Simple chores like these help to establish a routine. Plus, here is how to keep your closet cute and organized!

3. Toss it

Millions of receipts, little papers and wrappers tend to pile up in our cars, wallets, purses and backpacks, so take the time every weekend to clear everything out. It doesn’t take too much time, and your life will feel a lot cleaner without the extra mess.

4. Don’t hoard it

I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a pack-rat, so I have to consciously make an effort not to save things I wouldn’t really need. Take a look around your bedroom and throw things away that you know you don’t need to keep. Unless it’s really special to you, if you haven’t looked at it or used something in over a month, toss it or donate it. You’ll be surprised at how fast the garbage bag fills up.

5. Plan it

Photo by Alexis Paige
Photo by Alexis Paige

My planner is my lifeline. I use it as a grocery list, for my to-do lists, for making plans, figuring out what assignments need to be done and jotting down upcoming events. Plus, I’m able to plan my professional, personal and academic lives with color coordination. Learn how planning doesn’t have to be a pain here and the best planning apps here.