Getting over the post-finals blues

Surviving the week of the dead(lines) is no easy feat, but you did it and you can now enjoy your summer! Or that week and a half until summer classes start.

I’m not sure about you, but the few days that proceed finals week, I notice that going from 100 to 0 isn’t the best. My body’s clock is in a different timezone, my brain hasn’t yet registered that it can relax and I just lay in bed not knowing what to do.

So if you’re like me, here are some ways to help combat the post-finals blues:

Get out of bed

I know all you wanted to do for the last month is stay in bed all day and give up all responsibilities, but now that it’s here you kinda miss having something to do – staying in bed is not the answer.

Do mundane errands

Wanna try that new lipstick you saw on YouTube? Or want coffee but don’t feel like making it? Whatever reason you can think of, use it! Put on some real clothes and breathe the fresh air you were deprived of for the past week.

Pick out a project

“Project” could go under a four letter word, but now that you can choose whichever one you want, do it! Whether it is to clean out your closet for the new season, try a new drink or restaurant or make a healthy Insta-worthy treat.