So you want to change your major…

80 percent of college students will change their major at least once. And on average, they change it up to three times. The reason for uncertainty comes from our childhoods.

We dreamt as children. No one has to tell kids to dream big, they do it instinctively. You see, there aren’t children somewhere taking motivational courses to help build their confidence. When you’re young, reality hasn’t confronted you with it’s gold and silver bands, and you’re eyes aren’t all black from a beating.

The trouble is, once we get older, none of us become artists. Instead, we become consumers like society wanted.

You pick a major with your eyes closed and hold onto it until you open your eyes again, realizing what you were holding. If you’re at a point where you’re wondering if changing your major is the right thing to do, don’t let doubt get in the way of a decision.

We’re told to be cautious with things like a major change because that’s wise, but really caution just keeps you from a decision. The truth is: Changing your major is as simple as filling out a form. It’s asking for the form that students have trouble with.

You can’t look somewhere to find out if what you’ve been contemplating is the right move. There isn’t a list you can look at with all the symptoms of an “unhappy major.”

Most people are in need of change. Human beings weren’t meant to hover over one thing. We are not static creatures to adopt a single vocation. The arms of a clock point in different directions at different times, and keeping at one direction just seems counterintuitive.

We shouldn’t be asking ourselves if we need to change our major. We should be asking: Do I need change? The answer will always be yes. You need change, but maybe today that change is just choosing frozen custard over organic kale or vice versa.