Who said girls can’t code?

Girls can’t code.

That’s right, I said it. Let’s just face it. Our beauty, periods and boobs just make things harder for us to accomplish anything, especially something technical like coding. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the ludicrous misconceptions that have plagued women in the past from entering male-dominated fields.

Girls Who Code, a program aimed to equip girls with computing skills, released a satirical three-part video series called Why can’t girls code? to expose stereotypes surrounding girls in tech. As a someone who is a woman of color, I have encountered my share of racial and stereotypical situations, and those before me have faced what I have tenfold. But Girls Who Code’s video series had me thinking: Is there still this delusion that women cannot be just as successful as men in technology?

According to numerous studies, tech is still a boys’ club where only 18 percent of computer science graduates are women. Even in high school, girls are reluctant to study computer science because of cultural stereotypes they saw growing up.

But just think about it, ladies. Are men the ones holding us back from pursuing a career in technology, or are we? I once thought that I would never learn how to code. Not because I’m a woman, but I believed I wasn’t smart enough or had the memory for it.

I have been studying as much as I can about web development on my own and in school for the past few months and it’s not the daunting experience I once thought it would be. I’ve sought advice from both men and women who were willing to help me, and I personally have not come across any bias from the men I’ve encountered.

Ladies, we have to stop letting the fear of being one of few women who are in an office or classroom full of men keep us from being in tech. In history, there have been plenty of women who were pioneers in fields dominated by men. Just like women can fly airplanes and hold positions in congress, women can certainly code.