Inside the Internship: What’s in my bag?

Preparedness is key when interning. You have to be ready for any and all assignments to make the best impression, yet you don’t want to bring everything but the kitchen sink.

Getting yourself a reliable bag that can be dedicated solely to your intern needs can really help make life easier. Here’s what I carry in my internship bag (almost) every day:


Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

If you took the initiative to get an internship, odds are you’re busy. You’re going to have assignments thrown at you with deadlines and a planner will help keep it all in line. Here’s our guide to becoming a planning pro.

2. Journal

An internship is a place to learn, just like class, but better. So, what do you do in class? Take notes. Be sure to have a journal on you so you’re prepared to write key points down in meetings.

Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

3. Headphones

An editorial intern will be required to transcribe a lot of interviews. You need to be prepared, so keep a pair of headphones in your bag. No interviews to transcribe? If it’s a slow day, it’s sometimes nice to put on music to keep your spirits up.

4. Pens & pencils

How do you plan to write anything down if you don’t have the tools? Always have a pen and pencil on you for taking notes or impressing a higher-up by lending it to them.

5. Cash

Whether it’s for the vending machine or a random emergency, always carry some cash on you. $10 to $20 should do the trick. Also, make sure it’s not just larger bills, but $1s and $5s as well.

6. Beauty essentials

Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

Okay, ladies. The midday slump doesn’t just apply to your energy levels. It’s safe to say that by the time lunch is over, your makeup needs freshening up. Carry the bare necessities: concealer, powder, lipstick (that can double as blush), deodorant and some disposable toothbrushes.

7. Spare shoes

Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

While we want to put our best foot forward, heels and wedges are not always conducive to the busy intern life. Bring a spare pair of flats that you can toss on when there’s an errand to run. You can hit up Target or CVS for cheap, foldable ones. If you have your own desk, toss them in a drawer as part of a “minimergency” kit.

8. Phone charger

Though you shouldn’t be on your phone during the workday, you might be asked to stay late every once in awhile. Have a phone charger with you just to be safe.

9. Laptop

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your internship may not provide you with a computer so a laptop is necessary. If you do have a desktop, a laptop allows you to move around the office for a new view.

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