Starbucks secret item becomes drink of the summer

What’s delicious, amazingly Insta-worthy and pink all over? Well, it’s definitely not a white girl’s version of purple drank. But it is a Starbucks secret menu item that has people across the internet holding their cups up in pride to snap the perfect pic.

According to Foodbeast, a barista came up with Pink Drink after the release of the chain’s Refreshers with coconut milk in place of water. The concoction is a mix of the Strawberry Acai Refresher with a hint of caffeine from green coffee extract (an unroasted coffee bean), coconut milk and fresh strawberries.

It’s creamy, baby pink appearance has earned it nearly 90,000 Instagram posts and counting. So, does it taste as good as it looks? Not quite.

While it’s not terrible, and it is refreshing, it’s less of the strawberry milkshake people have been comparing it to and more like a Capri Sun. Maybe the internet set my expectations too high? It’s pretty much the same consistency as the original Strawberry Acai Refresher and doesn’t taste much different – just a little creamier, for obvious reasons.

The calories also aren’t too bad. A regular Strawberry Acai Refresher ranges from 80 to 130 calories, and 12 ounces of the coconut milk is 130 calories, making it ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up. Just keep in mind that coconut milk is an extra 60 cents, which can take the price up to $5.28, depending on the size.

However, if you’re looking to try something new that’ll be sure to look cute with a summer mani (and the $$$ isn’t an issue), Pink Drink should be your next order.