8 ways to step up your Insta-game

“I just lost five followers. What did I do wrong??” Question of my life. If you’re an Insta-guru like I am, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your feed. But sometimes you just get stumped.

Luckily, photographer Erin Krespan has learned some tricks during her seven years of shooting weddings, portraits, still life and more that have earned her over 3,000 followers and will hopefully inspire you. Here are some of her thoughts on how to step up your Instagram game:

1. Timing is Everything

Think about what time you’re normally on Instagram. Is it at 10:00 p.m. when you’re in bed? Or is it on a Saturday morning when you have a little more free time for your apps?

To increase your likes, post at a time when you think most people are on the app.

Personally, I like to post around 7:30 p.m. because that gives people time between dinner and bed – when they’re on their phones the most – to see my pictures.

2. Be Consistent

If you go weeks without posting a photo, you will lose followers.

Your followers want to see your life so keep sharing!

Some people post every day, some post every few days. Play around with it and see what works best for you and your followers.

3. Go Natural


If your photos are poorly edited, people won’t enjoy looking at them as much! On the flip side, if you over-edit you’ll get the same response.

People like the soft, more natural, real look rather than the fake stuff.

They want to see your pictures, not solely the edits.

4. Be Simplistic


Too much going on can be incredibly overwhelming. You don’t have to fall to the trend of a minimalistic Instagram feed, but try and maintain a pattern.

We like to complicate things, but sometimes it’s better to step back and simplify.

Simplicity never goes out of style and it’s always something you can rely on to be “in.”

5. Find Your Style

Whether it be the way you edit or the photos you post, find the style that makes your account unique and worth following.

For example, Erin’s personal theme (for the time being) consists of green, white and brown colors. She also has a photo pattern going to keep her feed consistent.

When you have a trend going it is softer on the eyes of your viewers & makes them more inclined to follow you rather than if you have a sporadic, unfocused collage of photos.

6. Know Your Followers

People follow each other for lots of different reasons. You have people you follow and people follow you, why? Because they are interested in what you post and vice versa.

Know what your followers would be interested in seeing.

It almost comes down to discerning what is meant for Instagram and what is meant for Twitter. Be intentional about what you post and know your follow group.

Erin’s Instagram is basically three types of photos – portraits, coffee and travel photos. She gets consistent likes because she knows that’s what her followers want to see!

7. Hashtags = Important

Using hashtags promotes your photos to your followers and to the Instagram community.

Hashtags are like little pathways that connect the photos you post together.

A lot of people find and follow others through the hashtags they consistently check.  

Erin uses hashtags such as #coffeeofinstagram or #makeportraits to attract the followers she thinks would enjoy her feed.  

8. Network


There are so, so many people actively on social media, use that to your advantage! Instagram is a great way to make connections with people all around the world.

Collaborations are happening every day and that’s not an impossibility for you. Put yourself out there, contact people and connect on a level more than just a like or comment.

Erin has made several friends through Instagram and says that it’s probably her favorite part of the app. Make sure you’re commenting, liking and supporting your fellow creatives!

With millions of people all over the world actively on Instagram, it’s easily one of the most influential platforms of social media. Whether you use it for personal preferences, connections or inspiration, IG opens the world to you and you to the world.

Be that person who generates inspiration, who captures those split seconds in time and who facilitates those connections – you’ve got the world at your fingertips.