How to dress professionally pre-paycheck

Getting ready for an internship or a new job is an accomplishment in itself because, well, you got it! But prepping for it can be a whole new experience too. For me, it wasn’t really figuring out what to wear, but how much do I need?

From figuring out my budget to figuring out how to shop smart, this is what helped me figure out my pre-paycheck wardrobe. Hopefully it will help you too:

1. Calculate it

The easiest way to figure out how many you need is asking yourself, “How many days a week will I be working?” There’s the minimum. You don’t want to be wearing the same exact thing twice a week, people will take notice.

After you know that, add two. This way you can go through your workweek without having to worry about doing laundry or wearing the same exact outfits every week.


2. Set a budget

Since you’re buying this before your first paycheck, it’s important to set and keep a budget. Figuring out how much you can spend on each outfit, not just the total amount, will benefit you more because you won’t have to subtract pieces while shopping.

If you want to update your accessories – a new watch or bag is justifiable – make sure you add that in as well.


3. Buy outfits not pieces

Statement pieces are great, but remembering to make sure they all match can get lost in the  fun of shopping. By laying out different outfits you won’t have to think about assembling an #OOTD again until the morning you’re off to work. Then, when you have three or four outfits that you love, find other pieces that match with your jackets or shoes (things that are easier to match up.)


4. Make sure it gives you confidence

There’s no need to waste money. So unless you are head over heels in love with it and you feel like the girl boss you are, just leave it be. You’ll already be nervous about making a good impression, might as well feel as confident as you can! So don’t buy those shoes if you can’t run a mile in them, or if you tend to be messy, white pants may not be the best choice.