Unique bikini brands to try this summer

Summer is in full swing. It’s time for drinks by the pool, tan lines and refreshing treats. But all of that requires a specific attire: bikinis!

Most likely if you’re staying in Florida for the summer you have enough bikinis to open up your own shop, and they’re probably from Target or Victoria’s Secret. Meaning everyone else is wearing them too.

But if any states know how to do bikinis better than Florida, they’re California and Hawaii. Here are two bikini companies that you will be sure to stand out in:

Mahkia Kinis

Monique is modeling the Napili set. | Photo by Alexis Paige
Monique is modeling the Napili set. | Photo by Alexis Paige

These bikinis are described as “unique bikinis for the wandering soul” and we have to agree! Staying in trend while standing out is perfect for the beach, and this company does not disappoint.

These cute bikinis are carefully crafted by Kelly Post. We asked her a couple questions about her brand, as she is extremely dedicated to her new company that started in January 2016.

“My inspiration is taken from basically the bikinis I see when I go to Hawaii,” said Post. “I wanted to create affordable and stylish swimwear that girls my age can buy without clearing out their whole bank account!”

Photo by Alexis Paige
Photo by Alexis Paige

Her goal is to expand and continue to grow her company. She hopes that with hard work and dedication, it will become her full-time career in the near future.

Post suggests that you hand wash or use the “delicates” feature on your washing machine to ensure the continuous quality of your new bikini and to hang dry. (AKA don’t allow them to tumble and shrink in the dryer!) Also, be careful, there are no returns. So make sure you line up with their measurements.

Mahkia Kinis is known for their affordable pricing for super cute suits. Their range averages around $34 per set. Currently online shopping is the only way to gain access to these sweet bikinis.

Feel free to follow this up and coming bikini company on their Instagram and/or their website.

Midori Bikinis

Photo by Alexis Paige
Monique is modeling the Sangria Seamed Tavarua bottoms. Her top is no longer available online. | Photo by Alexis Paige

Being a frustrated Hawaii girl fed up with having her bikinis never lasting a full season, Rachel Midori decided to design her own, making sure they would stand up with her lifestyle. (As a girl from the Keys, I can relate and attest to the quality!)

As quoted from their website, Midori’s vision for her company is “to continuously adapt to the needs of our customers; valuing opinions that suggest change not as criticism but as opportunities to improve.”

With the tops and bottoms being sold separately, you can mix and match your perfect suit! Midori offers free shipping and domestic returns.

On their website is a sizing chart to help you choose the best fitting bikini! Reviews show that Midori Bikinis tend to run true to size, but with their return policy, it isn’t much of a hassle when things don’t quite fit.

Midori also recommends that you do not use the washing machine or dryer in order to keep your bikinis vibrant for years to come. Lastly, try not to twist the fabric and be sure to avoid sitting on rough surfaces to keep the suit’s integrity.

Photo by Alexis Paige
Photo by Alexis Paige

Price-wise, Midori tops tend to be around $54. Bottoms are in the same range, depending on the style you are looking for. The showroom is located in La Jolla, California and is by appointment only via in person shopping, but you can browse through their items on their Instagram and/or website.