5 ugly truths about travelling abroad

Traveling and Europe: two beautiful words, especially if used in the same sentence. But there are mysteries about going abroad that you don’t learn about until you actually do it yourself. I’m here to save you some time and give you the traveler scoop of what to expect when going overseas.

1. WiFi

You may have heard stories about the poor wifi and service, but failed to believe them. Let me tell you, they’re all true. Sadly, unless you have one of those fantastic plans with unlimited data, you basically rely on wifi to communicate.

Hotspots become your best friend, and you will basically buy a cup of coffee at any little cafe to abuse their wifi for hours.

If you aren’t attached to your phone like any normal, non-psychopathic human being on the face of this planet, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

2. Air Conditioning

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but this is an American luxury.

Unless you’re living life lavishly in other countries, you can count on walking into most places and not encountering a change in temperature. The heat continues, but the views are most certainly worth it.

3. Food

There’s this funny thing that Americans do where we create our own versions of what other countries have, especially when it comes to food. We are so conditioned to believe that Italians only serve large portions of pasta that it’s a shock when we have no idea what to order from the menu in Italy. This isn’t the case at all!

There are so many amazing, traditional dishes that sometimes are not introduced in America.

Go with an open mind of what to expect and you will automatically have a better adventure to talk about.

4. Tourists

Photo by Stella Alves
Photo by Stella Alves

The places that are advertised to you or that you see in movies are riddled with tourists and the experience is often times diluted.

Places high in tourists mean you’ll get a more produced version of their culture.

Travel just an hour from these places and you’ll have an even more authentic (and less expensive) experience. The locals are more inviting and accommodating outside of the main attraction spots anyway, so your chances of enjoying yourself are so much more. Take a step back and relax, after all, that’s what vacations are for.

5. Expenses

Stated briefly above, areas dense with tourists mean that costs in such areas will be much more. Other countries capitalize on tourists going to see these highly advertised places that they take advantage of your wallet.

They hike up the prices because they know you’ll buy it if they make you believe you can’t get it for less anywhere else.

Walk or drive just outside of these “must-see” attractions, and you’ll be pleased to find that you can get the same souvenir you were eyeing for less. Fight capitalism! Or whatever economic system that country follows.