7 tips to tackle long runs with ease

As I train for my first half marathon it’s become apparent how tedious long distance running can be. Not only is it physically exhausting, but it’s mentally tiresome, not to mention boring.

Here are some tips to help you go the distance and rack up your mileage:

Tune into Podcasts

Photo by Gabriela Bitar
Photo by Gabriela Bitar

This is my go-to for easy runs, particularly those over 40 minutes. With thousands of podcasts available ranging from education, politics, health, to everything and anything in between, the options are limitless.

As a vegan runner, No Meat Athlete Radio is my favorite and resonates with my lifestyle, so find something that speaks to you, or catch up on current events, and hit the road.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are another popular listening option for runners. You could listen to the newest novel by your favorite author, an inspirational book or maybe even your textbook! Tackling things you want to do – or have to do – while getting in a run is a habit you will not regret picking up.


Photo by Michael Lavine
Photo by Michael Lavine

Oftentimes I run with a yoga music playlist blasting through my headphones. Although meditation is usually associated with stillness, there are no rules.

Meditation can help you find purpose in your workouts while leaving you feeling calm and renewed by the end of your run.

Learn About Your Surroundings

Photo by Gabriela Bitar
Photo by Gabriela Bitar

Learning the historical background of buildings and roads on your route can provide you with some personal entertainment and appreciation for your surroundings. Running can also be an alternative way to learn more about your city and what it has to offer. Research nearby parks or popular routes in your area.

Hit the Trail

Trail running can be a nice alternative to running on the street. With scenic views instead of cars driving by (and sometimes saying uncomfortable things, wolf whistles anyone?) that hour-long run can feel less eternal. 

Added bonus: Trail running is easier on your joints and more physically demanding, making your workout more efficient.

Bring a Friend

Photo by Gabriela Bitar
Photo by Gabriela Bitar

Whether you want someone to talk to during your run, someone to keep you accountable or some silent company, bringing a running buddy along for your long run can make that time go by faster.

Dedicate Your Miles

When I run for more than five miles, I dedicate those miles to the important people in my life. Focusing on that special person for a mile – being grateful for them, appreciating their presence in your life and sending positive thoughts their way makes that mileage all the more meaningful.

With a world of options at your fingertips, find what works for you, pick up your feet and  run. In no time, your 13.1 mile-long treks will feel more like 10K jaunts.