Say goodbye to squinting with Instagram’s new update

We all are far too familiar with the scenario of scrolling through Instagram and wanting to get a closer look. You try to pinch in, but are once again reminded that Insta deemed that feature unnecessary –– until now!

Yesterday Instagram announced that iOS users never have to squint again, with the Android update coming out later. Users will be able to pinch-to-zoom throughout the entire app. This includes profiles, pictures, videos and the explore page.   

This feature has been requested for a long time, so much that many how-tos are available to make it accessible.

Although some companies like The Verge are claiming their update didn’t allow them to zoom yet, PetaPixel seemed to get theirs working.

From PetaPixel’s video it seems that you can pinch-to-zoom and then once you remove your fingers from the screen the picture pops back into place.

For photographers, this might mean that you spend a little extra time in Photoshop getting that pimple gone, or putting some extra care into editing altogether. Either way, we’re excited to stop having to strain our eyes to see someone’s profile picture.