5 life hacks for surviving early classes

You try to avoid it as much as possible, but then your university decides to make you watch the sunrise on the way to class — forcing you to become a morning person.

Last semester, I decided to take an 8 a.m. class because it worked perfectly with my schedule. This fall though, I didn’t have much of a choice and ended up with three of them. Here is what I have learned from the past and hopefully will do this semester:

Set many alarms

No, that first alarm will not wake you up. And no, you won’t close your eyes for five minutes then get up. In fact, I’ve turned my alarm off without evening knowing it. So set different alarms for when you wake up, get out of bed, should leave the house and any other milestone you’d like.

This may seem obsessive, but losing track of time can easily happen while your body thinks it should still be sleeping.

I like to use Waze to tell me when to leave because it will recommend the best route and remind me to leave on time. If you’re a coffee drinker like me, investing in a coffee maker that will begin to brew at a certain time can be helpful.

Turn the lights on

This may sound weird to some, or maybe it’s something you did back in high school, but turning on your lights is a game changer because as long as it’s dark, you’re going to want to sleep. I’m a lazy bum, so I have a remote control extension cord that I use to turn on my lights so I don’t have to get out of bed… #noshame.

Plan your outfit the night before

Even if it’s just in your head, take those ten minutes to be under your covers rather than staring at your closet. If I had a late night and know that the morning is going to be rough, I even pack my bag so I can just grab and go.

Take breakfast to go

Whether it’s snacking on it in the car or just eating it in class, I prefer to sleep rather than wake up to eat something. I have also learned that by the time I sit in class my stomach is yelling for food.

Avoid sweet foods such as Pop-Tarts and that leftover cake from last night, and grab a protein shake or an orange, but no matter what don’t forget water.

Prepare a backup

There are going to be days that simply go horribly wrong –– usually the most important ones. Sleeping through your alarm, waking up to your outfit still wet or your car running out a gas, something bad will happen in the next three months.

Prepare a backup routine that you don’t touch except for emergencies.

Have a backup outfit, hairstyle and friend in class to make sure you’re covered.