Hurricane prep tips you may not think of

Hurricanes are no joke. Here in the Sunshine State we were lucky enough not to experience one in 10 years. I’m not sure about you, but 10 years ago my main concern was getting my hands on “The Black Parade”, My Chemical Romance’s current album at the time, not making sure I’m ready to survive a Category 3 hurricane.

And now, as a half adult and soon to be college graduate, I only know the basics to preparing for a hurricane: fill up with gas and stock up on water. But are there are some other tips that can make this exit of a 10-year hiatus safer:

Phone Chargers/Battery Packs

will i have electricity during a hurricane
Photo by Jonathan Scott

Electricity is something we all take advantage of, so use it while it lasts. Your portable phone chargers, extra batteries, etc. – all should be ready to go when the power goes out. Having a portable generator is also a good idea for microwaves and other cooking tools.

Pro tip: We recommend any of Anker’s power packs. The larger the pack the more charges you can get off of it.

Freeze Water Bottles

how much water do i need during a hurricane in south florida
Photo by Jonathan Scott

You can always melt ice but you can’t always freeze water. By freezing water bottles you’ll have extra water that’ll keep your frozen goods, well, frozen in the meantime. Also, put your refrigerator on the coldest setting so when the power goes off it takes longer for your food to go bad.

Pro tip: Make a list of what is in your refrigerator so you don’t open it without needing to

Do Laundry While You Have Power

will i have running water during a hurricane in florida
Photo by Jonathan Scott

If you don’t have power for days, the last thing you want to worry about is having to wear dirty clothes. And what if you have to travel after the storm? Packing dirty clothes isn’t fun either. Take advantage of electricity while you have it.

Pro tip: With no power comes no heat, meaning cold showers. Grab a bottle of dry shampoo to stay feeling refreshed.

Print off Your eBooks For Extra Study Time

will i have school during a hurricane in florida
Photo by Jonathan Scott

Professors don’t care that your power was out and all of your books are online, and you never know how they plan on changing their syllabi. So stay on top of your studying and print off the chapters that you may need to know for an upcoming test.

Pro tip: Universities often cut reading days if you get off for a storm, so prepare for those lost days.

Download Apps

how can my phone help during a hurricane
Photo by Jonathan Scott

If you’re not concerned with your phone or tablet dying, download your favorite apps and/or music so you don’t have to stream it. This also works great if you have a small attention span and don’t want to watch rain fall for hours.

Pro tip: Install an FM radio app before the storm hits so you can stay updated with the weather.

Fill Up Your Bathtub

Being stuck in your house for multiple hours after a hurricane means you’re most likely going to need to go to the bathroom. That becomes slightly more difficult when you can’t flush the toilet. By having this extra water you can easily flush the toilet without any power, but you should still use it wisely.

Pro tip: If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.