Porta potty on your period

Football is an American college tradition that we all should be able to cross off our college bucket list, more specifically tailgating. But gameday is just that – a day. It isn’t an afternoon affair or a morning fling; it is an daylong event that requires some prep work to make it go smoothly.

From getting your outfit together the week before, getting your makeup color coordinated for school spirit the morning of to finally getting to (hopefully) cheer on your team to victory. But as girls, sometimes Mother Nature and game day coincide, meaning we’re forced to use a porta potty or walk three miles to the closest running water.

These four tips will take you from tailgating to the 4th quarter:

1. Wipes

I’m sure you already know that porta potties aren’t the cleanest places.

Although you’re probably going to want to hover, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wipe down the seat or handles, especially because of where your hand is going next.

I like to bring wipes with me. I know it may sound unnecessary for some, but the game hasn’t even started yet and you’ll be grateful for that extra freshness.

Bringing hand sanitizer too will not only make you feel cleaner, but you’ll also become everyone’s best friend when they get out and realize they can’t wash their hands either.

2. Dress

Messing with a belt, zipper and inner thigh sweat all inside of a plastic poop tube makes things even more complicated. With a dress, it takes away all the hassle of fidgeting around as you are free to get to your business with one swift motion.

Being in South Florida we gotta fight with humidity.

Flowing dresses can be cooler than other tailgate outfits because it won’t be sticking to you.

It’s also just overall more comfortable for your ovaries to not be contained in those high waisted shorts.  

3. Alcohol

Tailgating and beer kinda go hand-in-hand, but you might want to consider being the DD for the day.

Shotgunning that beer might lead to a heavier flow as it dehydrates you.

And even though you think it will relieve that urge to crawl home and into bed, alcohol is a depressant and will most likely enhance that feeling.

4. Pocket Tampon

As stadium rules are becoming more strict with which bags are allowed in, you don’t want to have to be walking around the stadium with a bright green stick.

You can opt to try out a pocket tampon (just be careful which one) if you’re not comfortable with people seeing your feminine products through a clear bag.  

Adding some extra protection with a panty liner makes life easier when it’s about time to change, but you don’t wanna miss the next play. Don’t forget that bathroom lines trend to be long no matter what time you decide to go, so any added security can help.